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Quirky is all about living in an interesting and not so boring ambience ..... Create magic with small pieces around you. It might be the simplest mundane things you choose to do , but we believe that you do that with utmost interest and happiness.

Our cute little and some big ones too, products are all there to help you and us achieve our goals of making it #liveitinteresting .

Just imagine, would it not be interesting if you pick up a pencil to write and suddenly enter the nostalgic world of your childhood. Bring out the most creative side of yourself with our creative Pinocchio 🤥 ......

For the artsy folks out there Geppeto's Pinocchio is both cute and has real character and knows how to design a pencil, be it long or short nose.

There is an incident would love to share with you guys.Well I bought this one for my buddy's boy, who is a solicitor, as " secret Santa present" to take to the office. After all, solicitors must rely on the truth..... so I thought that if the pencil grew longer while he was interviewing his client, he'd know something was definitely amiss !! 😆

Well jokes apart , this is a well made fun pencil sharpener which makes a good sharp point and collects all the shavings in the back and makes for the light hearted addition to have sitting on your desk.

A perfect story and amazing deal because of the quality , Monkey business is a brand which satisfies all your needs for the quirky products. And we curate the list and try to bring the coolest products for our millennials, gen x and y too......... So keep waiting for us to continue bringing the coolest products 😎 !!!

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