Thinking Bear papa Ratchet Screwdriver
Your reliable and safe bear friend: Bear Papa driver. Meet cute and caring bear as your house tool.

It looks like a decorative toy on your table, and will serve as a perfect tool, when you need them.Can be used as a bit for devices, furniture, toys and even smaller items.


It has a  real driver with a Ratchet. If you turn the black ring around you can tighten the screw without holding it with your hand.


| Details
‧ ø 57 x H125mm
‧ 1 Ratchet handle
‧ 1/4″, 50 mm Length
‧ 2 Phillips head bits: #1, #2
‧ 2 Slotted head bits: 4, 5 mm
‧ 2 Hex head bits: 4, 5 mm
‧ Weight:180g


| Origin
Made in Taiwan




iThinking Bear papa Ratchet Screwdriver


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